The Best of the Newest Technologies for 2017

Each year comes with a great, innovative surprise, and this year isn’t one to be left out in the calendar. Don’t get left behind and take a sweet glimpse of the newest and best technologies of 2017 — hold on, you might just head on to your nearest store.

eSight 3

eSight 3

Source: eSight

A vitally game-changing device

With a slogan that says, “Everyone deserves to see” — this revolutionary electronic glasses is an ultimate breakthrough. The brilliance of eSight 3 alone enables individuals who are experiencing low vision and those who are legally blind replicate sight and keep up with their daily activities with virtual competence. Vision loss can now be solved through the arrival of this fruitful and beneficial product that has been labored upon years of study and development. Greatly versatile and advanced, eSight3 has outpoured its efficacy to people from different walks of life, giving the legally blind the kind of independence and mobility in their workplace, school, home and life. Users are offered unique vision without the need for operation, with a capacity to convert vision that’s ranging closely to 20/20 vision. An extremely inclusive medical device, eSight breaks the barrier of visual impairment and proficiently lives up to its name.

Here One

Here One

Source: ideaing

Magic to your ears

There are millions of headphones available in the market, though not all supply the kind of service you most definitely deserve. It takes a good set of headphones to change the way you hear the world. Introducing Here One — a canny wireless ear buds. Dismiss the inconvenience of average headphones and cling to the one that suits your auditory palate. Stream and listen to music without the hassle of untying knotty wires. This lightweight, high-quality product delivers superior audio quality with instinctive touch controls that lets you take calls smoothly according to your mood by a single tap. Securely fit and comfortably wireless, Here One empowers you to tune out unwanted sounds and smartly reduce noise from the background while retaining the sounds you want to hear. Bless your ear buds and effortlessly control what you want to hear and what you don’t.

Samsung Galaxy X foldable phones

Samsung Galaxy X

Source: BGR

Folded in multiple convenience

Are you one of those who can’t wait to get a glimpse of the latest Samsung Galaxy X foldable phone? Well, you better prepare and check out. Though, not a final date has been cast down for the phone’s release, rumors have it that it will soon be revealed by the end of 2017. It’s rumored that the foldable phone will be released on its complete form till year 2019. Much for the tease, the hype about this gadget goes on and on, and people can’t help but get intrigued when it will be available for the people’s catch. There’s much to keep you anticipated with the product. According to one of the rumors floating around the net, Galaxy X will cater a dual camera and that the phone’s screen resolution would be expectedly 4k. Through the years, Samsung has dedicated in creating products that tickle the excitement of most users with its fast-paced conveniences and advancements. And Samsung Galaxy X is just one of the smooth surprises to keep you off the hook.

Snapchat Spectacles

Snapchat Spectacles

Source: Spectacles

For a favorably fun snap

If you’re a fan of Snapchat, then Snapchat Spectacles should naturally spark your taste. Interested to know what keeps Spectacles exciting? Well, not only are these sunglasses fashionable, its built-in camera is the ultimate icing to the cake. Using this one, you can take your snaps anytime you feel like with just a fun press at the side of the sunglasses. By pressing the button, you have the enjoyable chance to record a 10-second video. While you capture your snaps, it will all be automatically saved on your Snapchat’s memories. You can choose colors according to your style with the sunglasses’ colors: Coral, Black and Teal, and get one for $129.99 only. The new Snap Spectacles are definitely handy and works greatly with Snap’s tool. Moreover, its casing also works as a portable charging device, with a built-in battery equipped inside the case so you can recharge at any minute and keep the fun.

Superpedestrian Copenhagen Wheel

Copenhagen Wheel

Source: Gadget

A ride made easier and speedier

Copenhagen Wheel has taken biking to the next level, offering a quick and easy setup for cycling enthusiasts. Housed in the wheel are an expedient battery, motor and computer inside a stylish red hub that you can choose to place on any bike you own.  You can install the exceptionally versatile Copenhagen wheel in no time by simply swapping your rear wheel and ta-da, your bike is loaded for the finest ride of comfort and swiftness. You can always stay on the go while remaining safe with Superpedestrian’s especially designed wheel, which features a self-diagnostic system that lets you monitor your bike’s motor and battery performance, speed, sensor calibrations and speed.

Besides, no need to sweat a worry because the wheel smartly unlocks with your smartphone automatically so you can always count for assistance anytime you’re in the mood to ride. Save yourself from stress as it also offers zero external wires, confusing plugs or irritating buttons. On top of that, it’s proven and tested to be durable with the use of high-performance mechanical testing. If you’re interested in purchasing one, pricing starts as low as $91 per month together with Affirm or you can choose the $1499 pricing.

Kuri Home Robot

Kuri Home Robot

Source: Readhouse

A smart and heartwarming buddy

Home will never be the same once you have Kuri as your companion. Kuri, the real live home robot has touch sensors that will amusingly react to human touch. Once you tap Kuri’s head, it will look up directly at you and even chirp, smile and blink with its gestural mechanics. While you’re outside your house, Kuri will act as your eyes as a purposeful camera is designed behind the robot’s eyes, which can capture videos and pictures. This entertainingly useful device can detect and react to sounds through its four profound microphones. Aside from that, you will never lose fun watching Kuri by your side as it also illuminates a warm light that indicates Kuri’s different moods. It’s also designed with two speakers that resonates clear and rich sounds. Moreover, Kuri also has mapping sensors and comprehensive electric motors that let it remember your house locations and keep a safe and attentive navigation around your home.

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