Promising Medical Technologies that You Should Watch Out For

Every year, groundbreaking technologies take presence in the medical field. These technologies are the fruits of extensive, far-reaching and earnest researches made possible all for the purpose of aiding and serving humanity. This year, several promising medical technologies have started to emerge. What makes all of these anticipated for are the new possibilities that are assured by these technologies. What’s new? What’s the latest breakthrough?

Needless to say, all of these are created to benefit the living world. Everyone wants to hear something good and thankfully, these technologies aren’t one to disappoint you. Expect for the biggest developments in medicine and wait for it, these might take place sooner than you’d suppose it will.

MiniMed 670G

MiniMed 670G

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New development for diabetes management

It was back in year 2016 when the MiniMed 670G, a device which refers to as the world’s first artificial pancreas, was approved by the US Food and Drug Administration.  The breakthrough was intended for people diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, which works by monitoring the blood sugar of a person and supplying the needed insulin automatically without relentless injections and examinations. This device is greatly beneficial to diabetes patients as it’s a good way of sustaining a healthy replicate to one’s organ.

So far, this advancement has been the biggest pace towards diabetes management. The good news is that this milestone will soon be hitting the market this year. A great sigh of relief – this technology practically saves more lives as it helps diabetes patients live a more comfortable life. The emergence of the device this 2017 is a total life-changing achievement that should be made available to everyone’s knowledge. The brilliance and benefits of this device should be well-accessed by anyone suffering from this disease, or from anyone who might be about to. If you think you’re becoming more likely as a candidate in acquiring diabetes, then this development will help you save the trouble. Better mark your calendars for the latest updates and live a fulfilling life free from the stresses of diabetes.



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A smartly wearable and innovative device

QardioCOre is the latest innovation that lets you monitor your heart condition as convenient as possible. An extremely wearable device – this ECG comes free from wires and patches. While hitting your active lifestyle, QardioCore enables you to track your heart’s wellbeing directly on your smartphone. Using this assures you that you get the complete electrocardiograph track for a more spread-out scope on insights about heart health. It provides precise medical grade information that your doctor can trust, such as heart rate variability, wireless ECG, activity tracking, respiratory rate and more. Designed in a clean white and black innovation, this holds fittingly you to your body as well as to your lifestyle.

It takes record of more than 20 million data points in just one day as it lets you take great management to your heart performance while giving you the opportunity to further improve your own cardio training. Apart from that, QardioCore also offers powerful features such as its pioneering sensor technology. The device’s ship date is expected to be on August 2017 and has a price of $449.00. Moreover, it features splash and rain resistance with a 1 year warranty that will cover your back.



Source: Aira

Seeing life with comfort

“Visual Interpreter for the Blind” — this is the remarkable statement of Aira. Aira’s main mission is to break all barriers of visual impairment and provide a device that can cater the blind’s needs anywhere and anytime they want to. This wearable device empowers the visually impaired to take on their daily activities with ease and see the world on a whole new level. Users can timely request or ask guidance with any activity they like, through the minute camera attached on the device designed for Aira Agents to deliver instant feedback as requested by the user. Aira’s network of certified agents provides earnest assistance to any customer and significantly helps in the mobility and independence of the visually impaired. What’s more is that you can have the chance of becoming one. Aira gives you the opportunity   to impact the lives of many by becoming one of their compassionate and keen agents.


For a sleeker style and performance

It’s hard to catch a fitness tracker that houses form, fit and function in a completely wearable device. You have to make sure your device wouldn’t go against the flow of your activity. Either it’s too big or too uncomfortable; its comfort should be with the same level as its performance. Here’s how Motiv stands out from the rest. It’s a sleek, durable ring that works with a sleep tracker, heart rate monitor, step counter and activity tracker. The ring can measure your resting heart rate, distance, calories burned; sleep duration, active minutes, and activity types and so on.

Though it may be little, Modiv is an extremely functional device that is resilient to water and damage. Its water resistance can handle up to 5ATM or up to 165 feet so whether you’re in the hype for swimming activities, you know where to rely on. Definitely, everything you need is found in this handy and inventive all-in-one package. With this, you’ll never miss a workout and stay as motivated in your fitness goals. Motiv lets you be in style while remaining fit.



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A comfortable, efficient must-have

This is what pregnant moms have long been anticipating for. Bloomlife is as simple and as productive as it looks — it lets you view every contraction and applies automatic counting and timing. It helps mothers correspond rightly to sensations and lets them monitor their contraction durations. The good news is that it also does not transmit energy right into the body so it’s reassuringly safe. Proven to be accurate after long clinical validation, Bloomlife is a straight must-have for mothers who want to enjoy a calm and reassuring pregnancy. It lets you connect with your body smartly and gain better understanding on how your body works during pregnancy. Quit endless predictions and settle for a device that’s safe, simple and accurate.

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