Modern Gambling is on your Phone

It is hard to find a person without a smartphone. Indeed, it is hard to find a good dumbphone nowadays. It was estimated that in 2017, US Millennials spent about 223 minutes a day on their phones. They weren’t just talking. If you are going to buy a mobile phone, you will get a little computer that can provide you with all the communication as well as all the entertainment that you need. Modern gambling is right there in your phone. You don’t have to book a ticket to Vegas when you can surf into an online casino that offers the same pace and mega jackpots at your fingertips.


It is live and real

Many people object to the idea of online gaming replacing the land based casino. After all, when you spin on slots or play a card game on your phone, you don’t get the rush of a live casino with people in fancy clothes all around you. Or so it was…

Today you can surf into casinos like Casumo Live Casino and enjoy a real and live feel. The games are sent in real time and you can meet other players around the table virtually. Games like blackjack and roulette come alive in an amazing way. Still, you can enjoy playing whenever you have the time and the mind for it. That might be during a lunch break in your car or at home late at night in your pyjamas.

The new computer

Already ten years ago, people started talking about the mobile phone as the new computer. Not that the desktop is threatened by this. We still need our work computers and bigger screens for certain projects. Even entertainment such as games and movies occasionally demand a much bigger screen than what a smartphone or tablet can offer.

With a phone that works like a computer, anything seems possible. The better the phones gets, the better games we get for them. Live casino games are just one example of what is possible with a smartphone. There is so much more. Chess against players all over the world, puzzle games to enjoy all by yourself and challenges like Pokémon that will bring you out and move.

Virtual reality on the phone

VR is definitely here to stay and it will be implemented in the modern games for smartphones. Perhaps the hardware will look different a few years from now when everyone will want a phone that will wrap them in a virtual world. Network games transform peoples’ lives and will continue to do so in new ways as they transform to mobile entertainment.

virtual reality

Be part of the games

Playing games on the go would no longer require you to swipe on a screen if you could control your actions with your mind. This sounds like science fiction but could very well be something to consider in the near future. Man and computer are fusing and this will have a great impact on how we play games. Both on our computers and on our phones.

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