A Groundbreaking Wireless Transfer Technology: Kiss Connectivity

Over the years, there have been lots of ways to transfer files, but most of these take up serious effort, and of course, time. People are accustomed to transporting files from one point to the other using long, thin cables that are very vulnerable to damage. Some also persevere on slow WiFi connections just to transfer important data. But with a recent Keyssa technology backed up by well-known tech leaders, you can now transfer large files, well not just large but those gigabit-sized data in just a couple of seconds. Yes, as long as you have Kiss and they kiss, file-sharing will be as easy as 123.

The Developer

keyssa developer

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Keyssa, a leading tech company

From one of the world’s leading tech companies, Keyssa is known to be the reinventor of connector. Established in 2009, the entity has become the leader in wireless connectivity such as HDMI for video connections, fast file transfers for the first ever hybrid 2-in-1 laptop/ tablet and more. And now, behold the ultimate high-speed file-sharing― Kiss Connectivity. The Keyssa team is composed of brilliant and renowned technology front runners that include the likes of Samsung, Dolby Family Ventures, Alsop Louie, Foxconn Interconnnect Technology, Neuberger Berman, Intel Capital, and more. These brilliant companies share the same purpose to create a radical innovation in terms of wireless transfer technology.

But creating Kiss isn’t a walk in the park. The company, together with notable allies, formed Kiss for five long years. With over $100 million as capital from big tech companies such as Dolby, Samsung, Intel, and the like, they have formed a revolutionary wireless transfer technology that will soon conquer the smartphones in the years to come. The alliance from noteworthy mobile companies will seriously help in the worldwide appreciation of Kiss Connectivity in the market.

The Kiss Connectivity

kiss connectivity

Source: Keyssa

It’s just a matter of kiss

A simple yet secured file-sharing that does not take ages is a definitely a thumbs up. But this hasn’t been made to reality until Keyssa created the Kiss Technology. Kiss is a solid-state connector that makes use of the Extreme High Frequency or EHF radio waves to offer high-speed transfer at lower power. The unprecedented speed and secured transfer makes Kiss Cnnec a very reliable anchor when it comes to transferring huge and important data. It replaces the old-fashioned need of different cables and ports to transfer your files to other devices. The bulky wires and long cable connectors are much of hassle, especially if you’re running out of time. These cables are also very prone to wear and tear. Further, it gets rid of the tiring waiting game and wasted efforts if someone accidentally pulls off the wrong cord.

And if this invention gets the attention of distinguished OEMs, this could certainly be a hot trend in the mobile and computer industry. Significantly, Kiss is expected to be launched at whopping price of $699 with over 250 patents.  But, you might be wondering how on earth can massive files be transferred in a mere seconds using Kiss? Let’s try to delve deeper how Kiss really works.

How It Works


Source: Keyssa

Share and play

First and foremost, Kiss Connectivity utilizes EHF or extremely high frequency to transfer files over a short distance with the help of plastics and air. Unlike most wireless transfer technology like Wifi, Bluetooth, NTC, and other wireless transfer methods, Kiss uses the point-to-point reference to securely transport data from one device to another.

But, do take note that the devices must have the Kiss Connectivity in order to utilize such innovation. Transferring the data using Kiss is a piece of cake, really. You just have to keep the devices close to each other, or simply, let them kiss! The instant connection allows gigabit-sized transfers in less than a minute. Kiss may be compared to NFC, but actually it’s much better and faster than the former. It is more advanced and futuristic as the latter comes with a special-embedded chip that permits two devices to create a magnetic connection, eventually allowing a virtual communication between the two.

For instance, you want to transfer large files such as 1080p movies or video clips. With the help of Kiss, these massive files can be transported from one device to the other within five seconds. And another interesting feature of Kiss Connectivity is its battery-saver aspect. Compared to WiFi and other wireless transfer connections, you only need a couple of seconds instead of hours to transfer large files. Hence, there’s really no battery drain for your devices! Aside from that, watch your favorite download series by simply kissing your device to an high definition display and you’re off to watch it all day long. And to top it all, this wireless transfer advancement is not just limited to mobile phones, but caters a large set of devices like laptops, tablets, and other electronic gadgets.

Soon, you can step into the interesting modular future by enabling Kiss Connectivity to help you access your important date anywhere, anytime.

What’s Next?

connected world

Source: SDM Magazine

Connected world

Recently, an assembly of the leading tech businesses in the world announced the ‘Connected World’― an initiative to focus on exceptionally high-speed wireless transfers between different devices, and on top of their list is the Kiss Connectivity. The group includes some of the largest companies and individuals in the electronics world like Hon Hai Precision, Samsung, Tony Fadell, Keyssa, among the others. These influential entities aims to standardize the future generation of mobile connectivity across different devices. The target is to refine functionality, as well as improve design and engineering of older transfer technology features. With the ‘Connected World’ using Kiss Connectivity, it will simplify the virtual fancies and speed up everything under the sun.

Are you excited for this fascinating wireless transfer technology? As soon as this will be featured to the market, all you have to do is let your devices ‘Kiss’ each other and you’re off to go. No more long, messy cable or slow-paced WiFi! The Kiss Connectivity is definitely something to look forward to, not just by techies, but everyone else in the technology spectrum. Wireless transfer has never been this efficient and fast with this groundbreaking technology― the Kiss Connectivity.

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