Lego Boost: An intuitively creative experience

Are you ready to have a fun and enlightened time coding and building with Lego Bricks? With Lego Boost, you can build anything of your delight!

Lego Boost is by far the best tech-learning tool available for children’s reach. This latest innovation is a programmable robotics kit that provides wholesome learning and enjoyment for children. It comes up with an amusing app which takes learning into an enjoyable game. Other than that, through the kit, users can build five remarkable different robots. Entertaining and knowledge-striking, Lego Boost is obtainable at a reasonable price of $159. It’s definitely a must-have for children who are into the compelling sphere of robotics. There’s no better idea than to start having Lego Boost as your children’s intelligent and enjoyable playmate.

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                                              Boosting creativity and entertainment      

To begin the fun, all it takes is a download of the Boost app to your Android or iPad tablets, and you can start building and coding. And every time you are using the robot, the app has to be running and has to be connected to the Move hub. The FREE LEGO BOOST Creative Toolbox app makes your LEGO BOOST Creations all the way more exciting. The app offers a pleasurable drag-and-drop interface that uses uncomplicated coding blocks to activate sounds, movements and many more. Moreover, it provides building instructions exclusive for the 5 LEGO BOOST models along with 60 stimulating activities.

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Simply and Impressive Accessibility

Lego Boost is equipped with a thumping number of 847 assorted Lego bricks, one light/IR sensor, along with a Move Hub, a sizable gray and white brick as well as one motor. The Hub works with connecting to your tablet through Bluetooth in order to collect your programming code along with two other electronic components through wires. Building robots is the ultimate deal here, wherein you’re enabled to craft 5 different robots. You can build a Vernie-named humanoid robot, car factory; a robotic “Auto Builder”; a real-time music-playing Guitar; a M.I.R 4 forklift; and a cat named Frank.

Vernie the Robot


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Smart and Interactive Robot

Vernie is a fun robot that dances, talks and drives and serves just about your own robot friend. You can have a fun time building and customizing Vernie’s cool activities as well as coding its behavior. Vernie can protect your room using his spring-loaded shooter while sensing distance, color and motion; reacting to impacts; creating hand gestures; and carrying accessories. Basically, Vernie can act as your personal friend as you can speak to it anytime you want to and it will respond with amusing facial expressions that go along with his mood.

Frankie the Cat


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Charmingly captivating cat

On the other hand, Frankie is an adorable cyber-cat that plays harmonica and enjoys being stroked. Frankie just adores his milk bottle as well as fish bones and cutely purrs, complains and wriggles.



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Machine-building machine

Aside from that, LEGO BOOST offers you a thought-provoking way to create mini-robots. A machine that constructs machines, AutoBuilder lets you build anything of your choice.


guitar lego

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Rock and build with Lego bricks

With a quick code to the sensor that triggers sound effects, you can be a real guitar aficionado. Guitar4000 lets you build a fully-functional musical instrument and brings out the rocker in you.



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For a cool and fascinating ride

 LEGO BOOST’s M.T.R.4 or known as Multi-Tooled Rover is fully at your service. You can make it move, accomplish tasks, take stirring challenges while going for a drive. With the use of the LEGO BOOST app, you can take M.T.R.4 at your command and relish the fun ride. For all these 5 models, Lego Boost offers a digital Lego Building Instructions to spark your creativity at no end.

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A great play and interaction for kids

Lego Boost is the ideal interface to help children engage in a productive and cool recreation. It’s targeted to children, ages 7 to 12, though even a five-year-old child can quickly get engrossed by the app’s simplicity and intuitiveness. It helps children discover their skills and expand their mind in building other things. Its rich interface is enough to keep a child stimulated and interested, that getting them to bed takes a hard time. Moreover, it paves the way for children to interact with other playmates and share their learning with them. It’s simply not just an app, but a smart and pleasurable learning-cradle. Lego Boost makes use of a block-based, pictorial programming language and involves no text layout. What makes it even more engrossing is the whole animation that engulfs the users. As much it’s all animated, it also doesn’t involve complicated menu screen and tabs. It’s perfect for children who still can’t read or those who have a hard time reading texts.

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Pretty laidback and absorbing instruction

In order to begin unlocking new challenges and levels, you have to complete a quick and basic project.  The initial build is split into three distinct challenges that you need to accomplish. First, you need to create a small buggy that involves putting wheels onto a car, then programming it into action and putting a fan into movement in the back of it. And after you have successfully accomplished all the three buggy challenges, this is the time the five models are unlocked. All of these models have corresponding levels and challenges that will further ignite your inventiveness. Each of these stages will challenge you and require your focus and patience. A step-by-step instruction will assist you in adding or constructing blocks to a certain robot. Throughout the challenges, you’ll be aided in building your blocks. After you’ve completed all these steps, then you’re good to proceed to the programming portion. By the time you start coding, an animation of a finger that’s dragging series of coding blocks onto the canvas will be shown. In this way, you’ll be able to digest what you need to do at each phase at the same time give you the opportunity to explore and experiment on your own.

Lego Boost is a great tool for discovery and entertainment. Offering top-notch building experience; easy-to-use customization; wide-sprawling Lego bricks; rich and elegant animation — a quick download of this is basically what’s missing, and the adventure will begin.

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