8 New Inventions to Awaken your Superhero Fancies

Much for your childhood fancies, researchers have been finding a pretty amazing way to turn your superhero dreams into reality. Well, though, not completely, researchers have devised marvelous technologies to at least turn you closely into one. This good news is the closest you can get as a superhero, and that’s just more than enough. Well, who doesn’t one to feel like a real-life superhero even for one day? Embark on a marvelous treat of technology and take a look at these 8 new inventions to grant one of your wishes. Hop along, hero!

A flying exosuit

A flying exosuit

Source: Livescience

IronMan-like flight

Iron Man, anyone? The future is here for British oil trader Richard Browning who built an amazing jet engine-powered exosuit that makes him look like a close enough copy of Tony Stark. He built the flying exoskeleton suit by mixing three sets of miniature jet engines and linking them to his body. With the engines attached to his arms and back, Browning controls his own direction as well as speed using the upper part of his body. By changing where the engine’s thrust directs, as there is no other steering execution, he takes complete flight. Though it clearly doesn’t equip all of Iron Man’s repulsor rays and other features, the suit alone is enough to rock you out. This invention enables Browning to take a flying experience up to 10 minutes and soar as high as 3 to 6 feet at 5 mph. Though, he believes future prototypes could take flight up to 330 feet at 60 mph.

Self-healing implants

Self-healing implants

Source: Livescience

Capacity to heal oneself

It’s the age of avant-garde transformations. As researchers create more incredible inventions, one can’t help but gawk in amazement.  One thing that’s making a clear noise is the latest study on the development of tiny implants by the U.S. military’s experimental research arm. This development could enable humans to help themselves heal just like how Wolverine does. These implants could be of great uses for the treatment of chronic inflammatory conditions such as systemic inflammatory response syndrome, rheumatoid arthritis and more. In this way, you can have a close feeling of Wolverine’s self-healing mutant powers and aid yourself whenever danger arises.

Metascreen technology for Invisibility

Metascreen for Invisibility

Source: Livescience

Road to Invisibility Cloaks

Scientists are continuously working on a project that could cover objects the same as invisibility cloaks work. Metascreen, a new kind of technology, works by canceling out light waves bouncing off a covered object, which so far works solely in microwave lights. Others also work by reflecting light off a cloaked object like how it is on a flat mirror, thus making the covered object invisible. Newer approaches have begun to surface in making this kind of invisibility a possibility. Well, this one isn’t far from becoming a reality as scientists take greater effort on this project. Soon, your dream on becoming like Invisible Woman would be made real.

Brain-computer interface for Telekinesis

Mind Blowing Mind Control

Welcome to the era of mind blowing science, where impossibilities are fiercely turned into possibilities. A creation of a brain-computer interface which enables humans to make a remote-controlled quadcopter fly using only their thoughts was made possible by the researchers of Univeristy of Minnesota. The system works where users are made to wear a cap that is attached with electrodes, which collects signals from the brain and into the computer, thus, putting it into movement. The excellence of this technology has been proven after student volunteers tried the obstacle course. And just when you thought things like this can only happen in films, a technology comes along to prove you this is a world capable of extraordinary genius. Think you’re in another sci-fi movie? Well, this is the real world and soon, you’ll be just like mutant Jean Grey.

Artificial Gills for Underwater breathing

Artificial Gills

Source: Livescience

Diving deeper and faster

Through the brilliance of Triton’s very own creators, the invention of artificial gills can make you turn like a real-life Aquaman. According to them, the device could allow people to breathe underwater as long as up to 45 minutes and nearly as deep as 15 feet. They claimed that it lets humans swim at longer times underwater without the need of a bulky air tank. Though, scientists have remained skeptical about this claim. It was later revealed that the swimming device won’t be able to work not unless people were swimming at herculean speeds. Plus, swimmers still need to have a sizeable tank. Well, who knows? There’s no telling what can happen in the near future, so just hold on to your Aquaman dreams.

Walking on walls using handheld paddles

Sleek wall-walking

Ever wanted to walk like Spider-Man does? With handheld paddles, climbing on walls like a smooth superhero isn’t so impossible. Developed by Pentagon, this gecko-inspired invention was purposely made to give easier access to soldiers on higher grounds while they’re in urban environments. This allows you to walk endlessly on walls without the fear of falling and relying on ropes. So the next time you attend a costume party, you’ll be the center of the party, thanks to handheld paddles.

X-ray vision for humans

X-ray vision

Source: Livescience

Extraordinary vision

Scientists from Massachusetts Institute of Technology have worked on a technology that can let humans have a closely similar X-ray vision as Superman’s. The MIT’s RF Capture system makes use of short-wave radio signals in order to see traces of movements coming through walls. Successfully, 15 people were identified by the scientists, showing up to 90 percent precision after the conducted experiments. The advancements will be initially applied most likely in healthcare. This comes as a very great progress in the medical field as researchers have long wanted to invent a system, which can help in monitoring seniors who have high risk in falling.

TALOS for a superhero-like strength


Source: Livescience

Superhuman Strength

TALOS, the Tactical Assault Light Operator Suit is the ultimate armor all Hulk fan can’t wait to have. As told by the U.S. Army, this high-tech suit “promises to provide superhuman strength with greater ballistic protection”. This is perfect for people who are used to carrying heavier loads as the robotic suit is incredibly strong and protected. Using this suit is like being in Hulk’s very own skin, which even comes with a bulletproof feature through an exoskeleton composed of magnetorheological fluids.

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