2017’s Top-Grade Enterprise Tech Trends

With the amounting progressions gumming up on Enterprise technology, to be out of news is a total dread. Updates on tech trends should be constantly caught up as it will bring you assurance of the technology’s latest takes. Truth of the matter is, tech trends basically mold the enterprise in the present and in the coming years from now. As 2017 unfolds, it’s essential to stay posted on these technologies as it will help you allocate your money and time efficiently. Spending and saving your time productively should be treated as an utmost priority. Before anything else, take a peak and digest the top-performing tech enterprise trends of this year, 2017 – and don’t miss one.

AR and VR

ar vr

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Higher and bolder leaps

A great year for the exposure of AR and VR devices -this is what 2017 is. The good news is that people will now have broader access to other versions of AR and VR as several will be coming out from the marketplace. Soon, virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) will be of mainstream use and will be expected to emerge in all places in the coming years. As said by Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerberg, “We’re working on VR because I think it’s the next major computing and communication platform after phones.” – he believes that through this, people will have the power to share their full sensory as well as their emotional experience with other people anywhere they choose to be. Another technology that’s also dipping on AR is the Snap, a pair of sunglasses that is camera-equipped and uses filters. Aside from that, the augmented-reality technology, Magic Leap, is another that’s drawing a lot of positive attention in the industry.

Cloud Migration

Extreme cloud optimization

First thing to expect when considering Cloud Migration is the bountiful benefits one can get from its service. Flexibility, streamlined operation, agility, improved capacity, scalability, enhanced collaboration, and reduced costs are just a few of the many gains you can acquire once you start investing in here. Large businesses take Cloud Migration as an important approach in delivering outstanding services. Besides, a turn of tide will be coming across Cloud adoptions as it will transform into Cloud-first technologies. This shift is a great step in putting your company in a spry activation. Each service are in lined with different profile types that vary by application. Several organizations are attracted to cloud computing due to its real-time performance and its highly manageable utility. Also known as BPO or Business Process Outsourcing, Cloud Migration has proven its excellence in companies and drawing great attention in healthcare.

Intelligent Apps

The rise of Intelligent Apps

Intelligent apps are rising as the next massive development of personalized computing. This 2017 is the time people will see a greater height of advancement of intelligent apps that would largely go beyond virtual personal assistants. It was predicted by Gartner that the biggest 200 companies of the world will soon be leveraging intelligent apps. Shortly, each software category will have artificial intelligence capacities, which will enable providers to focus on conversational and more interactive interfaces, progressive analytics, as well as more autonomous business processes. AppDynamics is one development that’s adding a dynamic substance on the ascending trend, which aims to create an “innovative, enterprise-grade application intelligence software platform that is uniquely positioned to enable actively monitoring, analyzing and optimizing complex application environments at scale.”



Source: CitizenTekk

Compact security and efficacy

Cybersecurity is a crucial component in a successful enterprise. Millions of people put their trust in IT security as they go about their daily operations and productions. It’s an agile priority that should be highly taken as a definite must for all designers. Cybersecurity protects the integrity of all data, networks, and programs from leeching harms and unauthorized access that could dissolve all important pursuit. Through this, computer systems will be free from cyber attacks and build a resilient protection that promotes vitality in all aspects of information. Without the aid of these preventive and reliable techniques, all could turn into a disordered and unprotected condition. And as latest claims have submerged, with the surging alarm of cyber crime, Cybersecurity spending is predicted to exceed $1 trillion from this year onward up to 2021.

Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence

Machine learning

Source: InfoWorld

Sweeping machine advancements

The hype of artificial intelligence cannot be slowed down. Machine learning powered by Artificial intelligence has taken the domination even higher. Wishing for systems to pick up and alter their behavior is a thing of the past; for at this present age, systems can actually do what people a long time ago thought would not. Time has come for machines to smartly carry out tasks on their own and process data more like how human beings do, and even better. As several tech topnotch-businesses such as Apple, Google, IBM and Amazon are ceaselessly developing advanced and intelligent devices in the market; it’s hard to see who will lead on the tough competition. Last 2016, leading tech companies like Google and Baidu have spent a great investment on AI, with a 10% of this heading on Artificial intelligence acquisition along with the 90% on development & RD. With all the dedications professed by the world’s pioneering tech giants, it would only be natural to expect the best of these advancements in the upcoming years.


Higher level performance

Hyperconverged infrastructures transport a simple yet powerful wave in the datacenter. Definitely, among other technologies, it’s one of the primary things to watch out over the next few years. It has been said that Hyperconvergence will soon adopt machine learning that will bring about a dramatic advancement and major benefits. According to the NPD Group, Cisco systems still take the lead in the hyper-converged infrastructure market. Chuck Robbins, Cisco’s boss, stated something about its HyperFLex product -”We have recently had a release of software that has helped with some of the capabilities, and I think that there are a couple more coming that should continue to give us more capabilities in that space.” HyperFLex has taken a great part in the ascendance of Cisco in the market.

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